Muscle Pain – Golfer’s elbow

The case

Golfer’s elbow is the direct opposite of tennis elbow, the patient feels pain on the inside of the elbow instead of the outside. If the patient experiences sharp pain when bending the elbow is formally termed “Epicondylitis of humerus” which means that there were chronic injury to the attachment point of the forearm’s tendon due to being exposed to occupational hazards. Wrist’s flexor muscle gets over stimulated due to pulling motion and slowing causing inflammation. Other type of injury comes from a falling accident, causing the forearm muscle to tear leading to stasis and tissue scar.

Tailored treatment plan

Untreated chronic elbow could be a result of elbow fatigue or an occupational hazard that exacerbates overtime. The patient could feel pain in the upper and forearm with limited range of movement, fatigue with lowered degrees of function. 1) This could be treated with tuina massage therapy to relax the inner arm muscles to smoothens the tendons. 2) Acupuncture on certain acupoints along the muscle could also help. 3) Patient could be prescribed external herbal tonic and orally treated with herbal formulation.

Warm reminder

Put a pulse to strenuous activities. Head compression on the painful area could help increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation. Avoid eating shrimp, crab, beef, spicy food and alcohol. Do more stretching exercises, and swimming to relax the limbs and spine. Avoid mal-adpative postures when playing sports.


Golfing is a popular sport, many golfers had came to us for treatments. Because of the need to hold the golf stick in a certain way, if squeezed too hard or have used only the inner forearm muscle as the force pivot instead of using the spine could damage your muscles and tendons over time. Especially if you are a beginner, this becomes a regular course of illness. Sometimes when you hit an empty shoot to the grass, the backlash could tear up the think layer between the bone and tendon or injure the spine. During the course of our treatment, we often advise the golfer to choose a good coach to improve their posture.