Neck Pain

The case(s)

Lots of kids nowadays are addicted to video games causing strain in the neck causing shakiness in the neck, insomia, lethargy and lack of motivation.

Clinically we have seen many cases, in which youngster becomes hard to focus on studying. Their parents would take them to see a psychiatrist and undertake psychiatric medications. After their family friends referral, they come to see us for diagnosis and treatment, We found that the underlying problem is vertebral artery compression, the spine is pushing towards the blood vessels hindering blood supply to the brain causing the above symptoms. Therefore, this is a problem in lacking normal blood circulation causing stiff neck, headache, dizziness, insomnia, lack of motivation and thus losing confidence in oneself. Once we see these patients, we would ask the parents whether their kids often shake their head/neck. How could they study well under these symptoms?! The patients often replied, “Yes, we have took them to see psychiatrists and psychologists, we can’t imagine this is actually something to do with the neck!”. We can’t blame the parents because this is beyond the traditional domains of psychiatry and psychology. Don’t underestimate these kids, after treatment, their scores have improved, some of them actually became superstars in their classes!