Achilles Tendonitis

After SARS, many Hong Kongers have started to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and regular exercising. This is normally a good thing, like running and hiking but sometimes it could cause injuries, like Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis’s causes are usually exerting too much force on the body, like running and jumping causing Achilles tendon tissue (including fat, tissue, and tendon sac) to overexert, leading to tendon sac the back of the ankle area (Achilles) to become inflamed. Standing for a long time while working can also cause the deterioration on the Achilles area to become inflamed, painful and swollen.


Usually patient experience even more pain after exercising. When we touch the patient’s Achilles to make a diagnosis on the joint area around the back of the ankle, it is usually painful when we apply force. After exercise, the calf muscles become stiff, and because Achilles is the tendon connected to the powerful calf muscles, during exercise, it gets pulled up and down too much and often, thus become inflamed. Patient should do more warm up and stretching before exercise. Swimming can help relax the calf muscles. Bath your feet in warm water can increase blood circulation and alleviate the stiffness in the calves. If not possible to relax the calves it could become chronic inflammation, from then on every time you do an exercise, the Achilles will become inflamed afterward, exacerbating the pain. Professional athletes often have this problem requiring surgery. The famous Chinese hurdling athlete Liu Xiang also have this problem. 

Tailored treatment plan

Acupuncture on acupoints, apply bonsetting anti-inflammatory herbal tonic externally, internally apply our proprietary herbal formulations for increasing blood circulation and stomach qi.

Warm reminder

Heat compress often, rest more, do stretching exercise and go swimming often. Avoid eating shrimp, crab, wine, spicy food. Use bracers to protect the painful areas.