Strained calf muscle

The case

I once treated a 40 something patient, he’s a hardworking businessman. He told me that he had an accident while he was catching a bus in Shenzhen and heard a breaking noise, then he felt a sharp pain during which he could no longer run but only slowly walk ahead. Because he’s at Shenzhen, his only option was to buy a “bonesetting tonic” (this is a common herb infused rubbing alcohol like product available at convenience stores and pharmacies in China) from a pharmacy nearby and he kept rubbing it in back at his hotel room. After two weeks of crawling around in Shenzhen, he then came to SYT Wellness for treatment. He only has two days in Hong Kong because he has to return to his Shenzhen to manage his factory. He had received a big order due right before Christmas. He’s an admirable businessman!

Clinical Manifestation

After diagnosis, we found that the businessman’s calf has swollen and had hard lumps, those are tissue scar from his injury. He had bruises under his dermal layer and we diagnosed him with “laceration of calf muscle” causing tissues to swollen with pain and inflammation, capillaries had ruptured causing stasis. Because he had applied forces to rub in the herbal tonic, the torn area had become scar tissues. We advised him to rest more, limit his activities until the injury had recovered. After 2-3 weeks of treatment his injury would recover.

The challenge of non-compliance

However, this diligent businessman did not take our advice as suggested. He went right back to Shenzhen after 2 days treatments which challenges our care processes even with our best practices. After 3 months of struggles, the business has not recovered. He came back to ask us why he hasn’t recovered after 3 months, he had trouble even walking. Our response was that he has delayed treatment during the “golden period” he chose his business instead of taking care of his body! After further explanation, he finally managed to find time for treatment – after 1 week had fully recovered.

Tailored treatment plan

Acupuncture as the main treatment. At an early course, herbal formulation was prescribed orally to improve circulation and remove stasis. We then prescribe herbal formulation to increase qi and circulation to help speed up his recovery process. Externally, we prescribed herbal tonic and steaming footbath to activate his tendons.