Bad posture causing oblique pelvis


More frequently seen in women, especially when falling on the ground while hitting it from the side of the hips. Also, during pregnancy and postpartum, muscles around the pelvis joints relaxes, when hit or strained or holding a kid with bad posture could easily cause the pelvis to become misaligned. Also, bad postures while sitting, wearing heels and exercising (e.g. in yoga or in a meditating posture) could also cause the pelvis to misalign easily.

Clinical manifestation

Patient wobbles when walking, every step requires the side hip’s assistance. Also, patients feel bad on one of each side of the hips causing insomnia. During diagnosis, patient’s hip muscles often have cramps, limiting lower limb movements, feels pain when bending down, turning the body around, laying down. If treatment is delayed, the patient could feel headache and limping movement.

Tailored treatment plan

1. Acupuncture to reduce cramps and inflammation in the hips. 2. Spinal manipulation to align the misaligned hip joint. 3. Prescribed herbal formula for liver and stomach tonic orally.

Warm reminder:

Rest often, stop any strenuous activity, bad posture. Heat compression on painful areas. Practice chigong i.e. wing chung to strengthen the hip’s muscles, to keep waist plate balanced.